How do I perform the Wenner Four-Electrode Method using my SuperSting™? (ASTM G57)

Follow the steps below to perform the Wenner Four-Electrode method.

For more background on the Wenner Method & ASTM G57, visit this article.

If you would like to perform this method using the MiniSting™, visit this article.

To perform the Wenner Four-Electrode method using the SuperSting™:

  1. Make sure you use an isolated battery to power your SuperSting™.
  2. Turn on your SuperSting™ and go to the main menu on the SuperSting™ or your tablet controller if you're using a SuperSting™ Wifi.
  3. Press 2 to enter Manual Mode.
  4. Press 3 for Wenner.
  5. Press 2 to create a data file. Enter a file name. (We suggest storing all data for a Wenner project in 1 file).
  6. Select what unit of measurement you want to use (Feet or Meters)

Note: If a-spacing is not updated on each reading, the ohm-m/ohm-ft will not be correct. Update the a-spacing on each new electrode placement as per the Wenner array shown below and your projects a-spacing requirements (each project will be specific).

Wenner Electrode Spacing Example

Note: Sometimes output/source voltage is needed. The STG file must be downloaded to check the Hvolt column. The record # can be linked to the spacing/measurement needed on each Hvolt reading. It is common to take several readings at each spacing so the one saved on a log sheet may skip some values in the STG. If the record # is written in the log sheet, it can be linked later. The minimum data needed is V/I and a-spacing with some mention of the error threshold accepted like 2% standard deviation

Artboard 1