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What are the column labels in the SuperSting™ .stg data file?

See below for all column labels in the .stg data file:

1 data record number


3 date (YYYYMMDD)

4 time (hh:mm:ss)

5 V/I

6 % error in tenths of percent

7 output current in mA

8 apparent resistivity in Ωm or Ωft

9 command file identifier

10 X-coordinate for the A-electrode

11 Y-coordinate for the A-electrode

12 Z-coordinate for the A-electrode

13 X-coordinate for the B-electrode

14 Y-coordinate for the B-electrode

15 Z-coordinate for the B-electrode

16 X-coordinate for the M-electrode

17 Y-coordinate for the M-electrode

18 Z-coordinate for the M-electrode

19 X-coordinate for the N-electrode

20 Y-coordinate for the N-electrode

21 Z-coordinate for the N-electrode

If the Res/IP combination measurements has been performed, the record continues with:

22 IP:

23 IP time slot in msec.

24 IP time constant

25 IP reading in sec for the first time slot

26 IP reading in sec for the second time slot

27 IP reading in sec for the third time slot

28 IP reading in sec for the forth time slot

29 IP reading in sec for the fifth time slot

30 IP reading in sec for the sixth time slot

31 total IP reading in sec

If the “Add Settings” check box is checked in the AGI SSAdmin software then these columns will be added

22 or 32 Cmd line number

23 or 33 Transmitter volt code

24 or 34 # of measurement cycles

25 or 35 Measurement time used

26 or 36 Gain setting

27 or 37 Channel used