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What kind of battery do I need to power the SuperSting™ Wifi?

Short Answer: At least one 12 Volt deep cycle battery that is isolated.

Note: You can also use the AGI AC/DC Power Supply instead of a 12V battery.


Long Answer: You will need a 12 Volt deep cycle battery in order to power the SuperSting™ Wifi. When you're setting up your system, be sure to isolate your battery from the ground by placing it on wood, rubber, or plastic. The SuperSting™ uses the battery as a reference, so it should be isolated from all other possible connections including the ground. This is especially the case in Marine Surveys. Connection of other devices, such as depth transponders, or using a battery installed in the boat(grounded to the hull/water) will result in poor data quality and numerous missed readings.

The SuperSting is supplied with Main and Boost power clips that each go to their own battery. Boost mode can be used if contact resistance is below 1800 ohms. Boost mode = 200 watts. Main Mode = 100 watts. Auto-ranging will determine how much power can be transmitted. DO NOT connect both main and boost to the same battery as this shorts the battery clips.

Example Setup: Main battery isolated from earth on a rubber surface

Substitutions such as a car battery are NOT advised. AGI electrical resistivity instruments (SuperSting™ & MiniSting™) require a power source that can be recharged and reliably supplies up to 20A current at more than 12.1V. Deep cycle batteries are the preferred choice for applications where you need to use all of the charge in the battery reliably and without damaging it.

NEVER attach your SuperSting™ to a battery inside a vehicle

never connect 2