SwitchBox 56™ Information Page

Use this page to access more information about your SwitchBox 56™ & see helpful tips.

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Helpful tips when using your SwitchBox 56™:

  • Never perform a survey in the rain or thunderstorm.
  • Always isolate your battery, generator, and SuperSting™ to prevent ground loops.
  • Never power your system with a car battery. Never attach your power supply to an automobile.
  • The Male-to-Male adapter can be used as a gender converter for plugs/inputs.
  • Cables are wired the same. For example: A1 = A2, B1 = B2, etc.
  • Remember, you can also request custom cable section sizes.
  • Only clean connectors with an ultrasonic wash using distilled water in a stainless steel cup. Discard distilled water after each use.