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MiniSting Trouble Shoot

Most often requested MiniSting Trouble Shooting Solutions

MiniSting internal battery drains quickly
The MiniSting internal battery powers up to 20W during auto ranging which depends on soil conditions. This battery can drain quickly at large spacings and in certain soils. Boost Mode supplies up to 50W and is recommended for a full day of readings, large spacings beyond 20 feet and if you are in moist soils which require more current. Full details HERE.


IP values (ms) show up after pressing measure
IP is not a default measurement type and it not needed for wenner ASTM-G57, IEEE 80 or any other typical grounding, lightning protection, corrosion control test, etc. It also slows down the resistivity measurements.

Solution: Remove IP measurement type:

Menu 8 (Press 8 and change Item 3 from RES/IP to RES)

MiniSting will not turn on after battery charge or shipment
Check the main fuse on the face plate.

The power switch may have been turned on in shipment and the auto-turn off is disabled.
Internal battery may be depleted or the charger is not working.

1. Charge internal battery
2. Connect external battery and power cycle off (wait 5 seconds) turn on. The on/off procedure is required.
3. Replace internal battery and/or charger
Please see battery details here: MiniSting External Battery and Boost Mode

MiniSting is showing USER, AUTO or Swift Mode
This function may appear “stuck” on Auto if USER MODE is active

• Press 1(menu 1) and set the array type (F1) for RESISTANCE or WENNER.
• Press 6(menu 6) and then F1 and set the Swift option to OFF with + or - keys. Press MEN to go back

Note that M1 Array type USER is only used for an older interface no longer manufactured called Swift Mode.

If this mode appears, it is best if you check all your menus as follows and clear the memory:

Clear Memory: go to menu 3 by pressing the number 3 key. Press F3/F1 followed by the . (dot) key to erase the memory from previously recorded data. Make sure that all important data in memory are downloaded to a computer prior to erasing the memory if it is needed. Press MEN to get back to menu 3.


MiniSting is showing negative Record# (#: )

Erase memory
Press F3 on menu 3 to get to the "ERASE MEMORY menu.”
Press F1 to erase the data memory, then press "." to confirm that the memory really shall be erased.
Press F2 followed by the “.” (dot) key to erase the USER MODE command files in memory. Note that the command files can only be erased if the data memory has been erased. If the data memory is not empty when an attempt is made to erase the USER MODE command files (USER RAM) the following message is issued: “Error: data in RAM!”

Prompt for Missing Array Dimensions

Press 1 on the keypad for Menu 1 from the main boot menu.  (M1: will be displayed).

Press F2 Array Dimensions to key in the electrode distances. You will need to enter place holder values such as 1 when  running in Resistance Mode which typically uses true array dimensions added later in post processing steps. 

Note that for each mode the old settings are given and can be overridden. Key in the new distances and press F3 to enter each distance. The instrument will automatically go back to menu 1, once all the appropriate distances have been entered. Press F1 (OLD) if you want to recall the previous distance once you have started entering the new distance. Use F2 (BSP) if you want to back-space and change a typo error when entering the distance. Make sure you have selected correct unit, meter or feet, before entering electrode distances.


Here is a full walk through guide for commonly run wenner ASTM G-57 Measurements to double check settings prior to testing:
Wenner Guide for MiniSting