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Does the MiniSting™ have boost mode?

Short Answer: Yes.

Long Answer: Yes, the MiniSting™ can output up to 50 watts when powered by an external 12V deep cycle battery. This allows the maximum output which improves signal to noise in difficult soils and long spacings. More details on the typical deployments is found HERE

The internal battery on the MiniSting™ will allow output up to 15 watts and may discharge too quickly if you are in lossy soil conditions or collecting more than a handful of readings.

Note that using a 12 V automobile battery installed in a vehicle as an instrument power source will void the warranty. Using an automobile battery installed in a vehicle may damage the instrument due to spikes in voltage from the alternator and other systems.  If this is the only 12 V battery available, it has to be disconnected from the vehicle and placed on the ground on some insulating material like dry wood or plastic.

The MiniSting™ can be operated for over 8 hours using the ASTM G57, IEEE80 and other VES or 1D momentary measurements in any type of soil and with long spacings up to 250 m with a fully charged external battery having the following specifications.

Group Size: 24 or U-1

Amp Hours: >30 Ah

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): >200

These can be a smaller form factor than the SuperSting requires and are available at auto parts and marine supply stores. 

This battery is connected with the included battery clips when the instrument is OFF. You need to turn off, connect the battery and then turn on to switch to boost mode. The internal battery needs to be charged enough to turn on the MiniSting briefly to recognize the external battery.