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How do I use the Log Mode on my SuperSting™?

Short Answer: Log mode can be found in Menu 4 of your SuperSting. There, you can set log repeats and log intervals.

Note: If you're using the SuperSting™ Monitoring System, please see this article for how to use cycle repeats.  


Long Answer: Log mode is intended to run with the operator nearby to check on the instrument periodically since only isolated and temporary power can be used from batteries or a generator.

All data will be stored in 1 data file (STG file). Individual sets of measurements forming a time step of 2D or 3D tomography can be parsed later based on the command file number and date stamp in the STG file. The STG files format is shown here.

On the main menu, you can choose whether to run your SuperSting in Automatic Mode or Manual Mode. Depending on your mode, logging will work differently:

In Automatic mode, the SuperSting will repeat the entire command file once it finishes. It will append the new data to the end of the same STG file you have created. This will result in one long STG file. 

In Manual Mode, the SuperSting will repeat a single measurement that you have configured for ABMN and add it to the end of the STG file. 

To Adjust Log Mode Settings:

From the main menu, press 4 for Log Settings. The screen now shows:
1. Log Mode

Press 1 to expand the options. (Note: By default on startup, logging gets reset to OFF if the SuperSting is shut down for safety reasons). The screen should now show:
1. Logging: OFF
2. Log Interval:
3. Limit Log Repeats: No

Pressing 1 will change OFF to ON and now the screen will change to this:
1. Logging: ON
2. Log Interval: 00:00:00
3. Limit Log Repeats: No

You can now enter the interval time in option 2, and limit the number of repeats if necessary.

Limit Log Repeats

If set to NO, the SuperSting will repeat until:

  1. You manually stop it by pressing MEN on the keypad or App
  2. The memory becomes full
  3. The power reduces to cut off thresholds
  4. Some other error that may occur due to dynamic field conditions.

If you enter a number for repeats, the system will collect the number of repeats plus the initial survey measurement.

Example: Entering 5 for the limit will give you 6 total runs through the command file. One for the initial run, plus five repeats.

Log Interval

This will be how long the SuperSting pauses before starting another measurement sequence. For example, if you select 15 minutes, the SuperSting will finish the command file measurements and then wait 15 minutes before starting over at command line 1.

Knowing the CMD file completion time, dynamics of the field setting, and power consumption required will be important factors.

Changing the Automatic shut-off to OFF will keep the SuperSting ON during pauses. You can toggle this option by going to Menu 6 on the main menu, then pressing 4, then pressing 1.