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Can the SuperSting perform single-step measurements like the MiniSting?

Answer: Yes, all versions of the SuperSting can perform a single-step measurement. Follow the steps below.

Steps to perform a single-step measurement using a SuperSting:

  1. Insert the electrodes into the ground based on the chosen configuration.
  2. Connect the electrodes to the appropriate terminals on the SuperSting.
  3. Ensure the SuperSting is powered on and in the main menu.
  4. Create a command file using SuperSting Administrator (SSAdmin) or the SuperSting Manager App (SSM)
  5. From the SuperSting main menu, Press `1` for "Automatic Mode."
  6. Press `2` to create a new data file.
  7. Press `1` to enter the file name (maximum 8 characters). Enter letters using function keys (F1, F2, F3).
  8. Select the appropriate command file for the survey using the `+` or `–` keys.
  9. Choose the unit (feet or meters) using the `+` or `–` keys.
  10. Input the x, y, and z-coordinates for the first electrode of the line.
  11. If using a Pole-Pole or Pole-Dipole array, enter the position of the infinite electrode. For other arrays like Wenner and Schlumberger, continue the setup.
  12. If using dual-mode electrodes, select `2: Distributed`.
  13. Choose the appropriate dual-mode cables.
  14. Enter the electrode cable sections used.
  15. Press the `F1` key for measurement settings until "FACTORY" appears under menu M61.
  16. Press 8 for Single-Step Cmd Lines: ON, then press the MEN key.
  17. Start the test by pressing the `F1` key.
  18. Once the test is completed and you have an acceptable value for your contact resistance, Press the `MEA` key to initiate the measurement.