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How can I use my SuperSting™ with a CPT measurement?

Follow the 12 steps below to use your SuperSting™ with a Cone Penetration Test (CPT) measurement using the SuperSting Administrator App.


In Automatic Mode, you will see Item 4 (Change Inf XYZ).  This allows control of the CPT electrode position at any time within an Automatic mode file.  This means you can repeat the file with a new B electrode position and have the same measurements run with a different B location all in the same file.

The procedure is to generate a pole-dipole command file for a 2D surface array in SSAdmin:

  1. Load the command file on the machine with the latest firmware.
  2. Install the surface electrodes and position of the CPT somewhere on the line.
  3. Drive in the CPT based B electrode to the required depth.
  4. Connect the CPT B wire to the SuperSting™.
  5. Setup an automatic mode file as normal.
  6. Go to the new Item 4 within Automatic mode and enter in the XYZ of the B electrode (depth will be in negative meters).
  7. Use zero for Y on all lines. X and Z can be changed as many times as needed for the same file.
  8. Run the measurements by pressing the (MEA) button.
  9. Drive the CPT deeper or move it to a new location on the line.
  10. Do not make a new file. Simply edit the B electrode depth/position with Item 4 again. 
  11. Run the measurement again (MEA). The measurements will automatically link into the same STG to be processed together in EarthImager™ 2D (direct load).
  12. When all B electrode positions are finished, download the data and invert in EarthImager™ 2D.