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How do I copy a command file?

Short Answer: You can copy and save as a new file name if you change the ProgID name.

Long Answer: The command files are text editable files and can be opened in programs like Notepad or TextPad. Using your PC or Android device, you can simply copy the file, paste it in your preferred location, and then change the file name both on the device and internally in the header called ProgID. Make sure to use the .CMD extension if you are using PC COM upload to the SuperSting or .CMD.TXT extension if you are using the AGI SuperSting Manager.

If you do not change the ProgID name to match the filename, the Supersting will read and display the old filename regardless of the file's name on the PC/Android Device.

ProgID is shown below with filename "testDD".  The ProgID is limited to 8 characters

command file cmd

Other details on Command File Syntax are shown HERE