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What do I do if my SuperSting™ LCD screen shows scrambled characters?

Follow the 4 steps below if you're seeing scrambled characters on your SuperSting's screen.

  1. Back up any important data before proceeding.
  2. Format the data memory in Menu 5. (Note: typically you do not need to delete command (CMD) files and upload fresh copies unless you notice scrambled electrode numbers on the screen or in downloaded files. The Full Reset and Clear procedure is HERE.
  3. Reset the instrument defaults. You can do this by going into Menu 6, then pressing 4 on the keypad, then pressing 4 again.
  4. Check the Cable Address Table if you are doing Automatic Mode surveys by going into Menu 6 and then pressing 2. Make sure this matches your command file and roll along sizes if you doing those.
  5. Cycle the SuperSting™ power OFF/ON.