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How do I Set the SuperSting to Factory Defaults and Clear the Memory?

After completing a project you should reset the SuperSting to Factory Defaults and may wish to clear the memory partially or completely.

  1. Back up any important data before proceeding if you are going to clear the memory
  2. Format Disk in Menu 5 - optionally deletes any project data files (STG)
  3. Delete All Command Files in Menu 5 - optionally deletes all command files (CMD)
  4. Reset the instrument to Factory Defaults by going into Menu 6, then press 4 on the keypad, then press 4 again. It will say Factory and Done.  No Data is deleted
  5. Clear the Skip Electrode List!(critical step if you added skip electrodes because these are saved for all future measurements unless cleared)
  6. Cycle the SuperSting™ power OFF/ON.
  7. If needed, upload known good command files or create a manual data file as needed.
  8. If needed, add the SwitchBox size you need and check the Cable Address Table in Menu 6.