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What do I do if the "Memory Full" message appears on the SuperSting™?

Short Answer: You most likely need to delete some command files. The SuperSting™ holds a maximum of 16 total command files.

Long Answer: The SuperSting™ can hold a maximum of 16 command files at a time. If you're seeing an error for full memory, you will most likely need to free up space by deleting command files.

How to delete a command file from the SuperSting™:

  • From the SuperSting ™ main menu, Press 5 for (File Management).
  • From the File Management menu select Delete command file to pull up a list of the command files or choose Delete all command Files and confirm the choice.
  • You may also use Format Disk which in some cases clears out any blocked command files currently in use or corrupted data records.
  • This is a good time to reset the system to Factory Defaults (see how  HERE.)


Note:  Be careful making many Manual Mode data files because a command file is generated for each new file name to store spacing values (Wenner ASTM G-57, Schlumberger, VES, etc).

An option to avoid numerous small manual files is to log all data in 1 larger file and keep track of the Record # displayed on the screen to match the typical manual field records with the file's contents.  Time and date stamp may also be used for this. 


For information on how to make new Automatic Command file:  See this article