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How do I deploy a Pole-Dipole Infinity Electrode?

Install the correct position and distance for a pole-dipole infinite electrode

  1. Create a Pole-Dipole command file and set your Max sep. to 20 to send a strong enough signal in most cases. Setting your Max (a) to a large number (like 99) will assure a full depth data section.
  2. Connect an AGI infinity wire spool or another single conductor wire such as 18 AWG stranded copper to the B terminal of the SuperSting faceplate or SuperSting Adapter Box and run this wire to the correct length and position.  AGI wire reels are shielded for noise.  If off the shelf spools are used, remove all the wire from the spool with no loops or slack wire to the correct length to avoid noise.
  3. One infinity electrode can be placed anywhere as long as it is very far away (A to B distance > 5 * A to M distance).  The angle of the infinity or remote electrode can be either perpendicular or parallel to the survey line when it is this far away.  This achieves less than 5% error in resistivity values.
  4.  If the infinity electrode location does NOT satisfy AB > 5 * AM, make sure the infinity electrode is installed in the shared triangular area (above figure). Try to stay less than 30 degrees to minimize measuring error.
  5. Loading a pole-dipole command file will initiate a question during setup for the remote coordinates position in relation to the axis of your 2D line.
  6. Turn on the B infinite Check for the Contact Resistance check because the remote is used on every measurement. 
  7. The remote needs to have a stable and good Contact Resistance.  Try 4 stakes together on the remote to increase surface area.  A larger than normal or deeper than normal stake will help on this type of survey as well.
  8. Remove the remote if running additional array types and turn off the B-infinite check for Contact Resistance or you will see HVOVL error messages on all contacts later. 

Additional Details on Contact Resistance and Command Files