Do I need a lot of power to run an Electrical Resistivity Survey?

Short Answer: No. Only rare instances call for high-power transmitters. Instead, look for a sensitive receiver.

Long Answer: Electrical Resistivity Imaging (ERI) does not require a lot of power. In fact, more power can lead to several survey issues including arching, leakage, and increased noise. Using a high-power transmitter also means more cost, weight, and shipping size.


The SuperSting™ was designed to have a sensitive receiver to solve all of the issues above. Also, it doesn't take much to power the transmitter. You can use deep-cycle marine batteries or the AGI Power Supply and a generator to power your SuperSting™.      


Warning: Never power your SuperSting™ using a car battery.


Only rare instances will require a lot of power. For instance, when you’re doing IP for extremely deep depths (over 1km depth). Also, extreme climates with very high contact resistance require more power output.