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Why won't EarthImager save JPEGs or load STG files?

Short Answer: Check the folder and file creation settings in your computer's security software.

Long Answer: If EarthImager™ is having the following issues on your computer, your security software may be the cause:

  • Slow performance
  • Unable to save JPEG files
  • Unable to load STG files

After updates to security software, such as Norton Shield, some settings may cause issues. This is due to the security software preventing EarthImager from creating folders or files on your computer. 

Below are the steps for fixing the issue:

  1. Right-click Norton in the taskbar and disable until reboot.
  2. Click Norton Firewall or other Firewall and disable until reboot.
  3. Remove the USB key dongle
  4. Right-click and install EarthImager 2D as an administrator. Do not plug the dongle in until after the installation is completed.
  5. Plug in the dongle an wait a few seconds before testing the software
  6. If everything is working again, go into Norton Shield and add the entire EarthImager  program list to the safe list (all EXE and DLL files should be allowed full read/write permissions)
  7. Similarly,  go into Norton Firewall and add the Sentinel SuperPro USB Key to the safe list in Norton Firewall because this USB key is communicating through ports which may be blocked by the firewall.
  8. Now you can restart both Norton Shield and Firewall as normal 

Note: If you are using different security software, the general procedure shown above should apply.  If you are unable to make the edits on an administered computer, please contact your IT support for additional troubleshooting.