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What is included with my SuperSting™ System?

Below is a video summarizing what you will receive when ordering a new SuperSting™ system.

Note: Below is a video from Advanced Geosciences Europe, walking through what is included in your purchase of a new SuperSting Resistivity System. All information is applicable to purchases from all AGI offices and distributors. 

To learn how to do initial quality checks on your new system, please use this article.


HubSpot Video


Your SuperSting System will come with the following items:

  • SuerpSting Electrical Resistivity Meter
  • Pelican Case
  • SwitchBox, SwitchBox Grid, or internal SwitchBox in your SuperSting (depending on your purchase)
  • SuperSting Instruction Manual
  • EarthImager Instruction Manual (if EarthImager is purchased)
  • SuperSting Manager App Manual
  • Android Tablet
    • SuperSting App installed
    • Corresponding email installed
  • SuperSting adapter box
  • Main Battery Cable
  • Booster Battery Cable
  • Extension Cable
  • Male-to-Male Adapter Cable
  • Wifi Antenna
  • Fuse Kit (3 fuses)
  • PC Com Cable
  • Brain Box USB Port
  • Firmware Cable
  • Office Power Supply Adapter and Cable