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What do I do if I get the error code: INOVL?

This means that the input voltage on one of the receivers is beyond the acceptable range of the A/D converter. Try lowering the current output of the SuperSting™, lowering the voltage of the transmitter or increase spacing.

INOVL can also occur due to cross talk, contamination or otherwise shorted connections between transmitter and receiver pairs on wires, connectors or cables. Inspect the condition and repair as needed. The SuperSting can be checked with the Receiver Test


How to lower the current output of the SuperSting™:

Go to Menu 6. After entering this menu, press 1 on the keypad.

How to lower the voltage:

Go to Menu 6. After entering this menu, press 4 on the keypad.

Change Electrode Spacing, current or voltage:

Increase narrow (<<1m) electrode spacing or lower the current or voltage

NOTE: There are 3 error codes your SuperSting™ can generate: HVOVL, TXOVL, and INOVL