Using the Sting Generator Set (SGS)

Below is some helpful information about the SGS and operating tips.

The PowerSting™ Generator is the highest-powered air-cooled generator on the market and has been engineered and designed to be an accessory to our PowerSting™. The PowerSting™ Generator is only 450 pounds, eliminating the need for a 1,500-pound, water-cooled diesel generator.

Safety Warnings:

  • This is a 22Kw generator operating at 208V. Use caution when using.
  • DO NOT OPERATE WITH THE GENERATOR ON THE GROUND. This poses a serious safety risk and will also result in bad data.
  • Only operate the generator if it is mounted on a vehicle with rubber tires.
  • Wear rubber boots while operating
  • Keep the generator covered during use to keep dirt and moisture out of the components.
  • Fill with oil before first use.