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What do I do if my Lowrance HDS Gen2 GPS shows the wrong date?

Follow the steps below to fix this firmware issue with the Lowrance HDS Gen2 GPS. All instruction and background information is provided by lowrance.com.


On April 6, 2019, a GPS Rollover event occurred. GPS Rollover events occur every 20 years due to the date and time scale used by the Global Positioning System (GPS), which is based on counting weeks and seconds within a week. When the counter reaches 1024 weeks, it rolls back to week zero. If GPS products are designed without taking this into account, problems can occur with GPS products including incorrect date and time values and/or the loss of position information. Lowrance can confirm that all current-generation devices are 100% compatible with the recent GPS week rollover event. There, however, are several legacy products that will require a software update. 

To upgrade the software on your Lowrance HDS Gen2 unit, you will need a computer with an SD/MMC card reader. Follow instructions below to download the zip file to your computer, unzip and copy the update files to SD/MMC card.


If you have another model of Lowrance GPS, please contact AGI or search the Lowrance website for the other firmware file.


  1. Download the patch file from lowrance.com
  2. Copy to a blank micro SD card
  3. With the unit turned off insert Micro SD into the card reader
  4. Turn on the Lowrance display. (If the update does not automatically start, follow the steps below)
    1. HDS Gen1/Gen2
      1. Press Pages
      2. Use the directional pad to select Utilities
      3. Next select Files
      4. Select the SD Card and press enter
      5. Select software update and press enter
  5. After the update has completed, remove the SD card. The unit will shut down
  6. Press the power key to restart the unit