How to prepare a Passive 2D Multielectrode set up in the field (Video)

Follow the steps below to set up a passive 2D multielectrode survey.

Tip: For diagrams of standard connection layouts, please visit this page.  


  1. Stretch out a long, non-conductive measuring tape on the survey area
  2. Use the tape measure to install stainless steel electrode stakes at the electrode spacing of your choosing
    1. Use a hammer to install the stakes into the ground. The stakes should be deep enough to feel secure when wiggled gently. 
  3. Lay out your electrode cable in numerical order (each take out is numbered). Connect each takeout to a stake using the clip attached to the stake. 
  4. Connect the cables to your SwitchBox. In the example above, we're using a SwitchBox 56.
    1. Cables numbered 1-28 are connected to the LOW Address
    2. Cables numbered 29-56 are connected to the HIGH Address (NOTE: For the High Address connection, you will need a male-to-male adapter cable)
  5. Connect the SuperSting to the Switchbox
  6. Connect a power source to the SuperSting. (NOTE: If using a 12-Volt Deep Cycle battery, make sure the battery is isolated.)