What AGI equipment do I need for Electrical Resistivity Imaging?

You will need the 6 AGI components listed below for an Electrical Resistivity Survey.

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1. A Resistivity/IP/SP Meter (SuperSting™ or MiniSting™)

You will need a resistivity/IP/SP meter such as a SuperSting™ or MiniSting. The meter contains a direct current (DC) transmitter & a sensitive volt measuring circuit (channel).

2. A Switching Apparatus (AGI Multi-Electrode Switch Box or AGI Switch Box Grid)

You will need a switch box capable of switching the transmitter and receiver connections quickly and efficiently.

3. Electrode Cables (Flexlite™ Passive Electrode Cables, AGI Passive or Active Electrode Cables, or AGI Passive Graphite Electrode Cables (for Marine surveys)).

You will need an electrode cable with a number of electrode takeouts at a regular spacing (typically 6.25m/20ft).

4. Stainless Steel Stakes

Stainless steel stakes are used to connect the electrode cable to the ground via stainless steel springs. Stainless steel is used for corrosion resistance.

5. A Power Source

AC/DC power supply with a gas generator or 12V deep cycle batteries.

6. Inversion Modeling Software (EarthImager™ 1D, 2D, or 3D)

You will need inversion modeling software to compute the resistivity values in 1D, 2D or 3D. AGI's EarthImager™ software comes in 3 versions: EarthImager™ 1D, EarthImager™ 2D, and EarthImager™ 3D.