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I got an error message: "The Sentinel dongle driver not found, cannot install program" What do I do?

Follow these steps below to make sure you have installed the right dongle driver for your operating system.

The problem is likely that your system is not compatible with the included driver in the EarthImager installation program or you have another driver that is conflicting with it. The solution is to reinstall as follows:

  1. Remove the USB dongle
  2. Install the EarthImager installation program by Right Clicking and selecting "Run as Administrator"
  3. Restart the computer
  4. Plug in the dongle after logging in and wait 10 seconds
  5. Start EarthImager™
  6. If the issue remains, use this Microsoft support page to find what operating system version you're using.
  7. Download the latest Sentinel System driver for Windows   for your operating system
  8. Restart from step 1, but right after Step 2, Right Click and select "Run as Administrator" for the dongle driver installation program before proceeding.