What applications is the SwitchBox Grid used for?

The SwitchBox Grid can be used for multiple applications. See below for a few use cases:

  • Lab measurements
  • All electrode arrays
  • Any user-created multi-electrode array. Electrodes can be located anywhere in 3D space
  • Surface, surface-to-borehole, and borehole-to-borehole measurements
  • Time-lapse (4D) surveys
  • Floating and underwater 2D, 3D and 4D imaging
  • Monitoring in 2D/3D time lapse
  • All deployments of the normal Switch Box
  • Scale models in a controlled laboratory setting
  • User supplied horizontal or vertical permanent/disposable borehole electrode arrays grouted in place
  • User supplied electrode arrays installed permanently in landfill liners, levees, pond liners, tank farms and earthen dams 
  • Custom array geometry with a mix of standard AGI passive multi-electrode cables and additional single wire electrodes for custom gradient and other array geometries
  • Any single wire connected to a custom electrode